3 Staples Every Dining Room Needs

3 Staples Every Dining Room Needs

6 November 2019
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With the holidays almost here, you may have big plans to have a bunch of family gatherings. One of the best spots in your house to host such gatherings is your dining room. Your dining room isn't just a great place to gather and eat, but it's also the perfect spot to do things like play some fun, holiday-themed board games. To ensure that you have the best setup, there are a few staples that every dining room needs. Whether you just moved into your house or you want to remodel your dining room, consider adding these three things to your list. 

Dining Table

The most obvious piece of dining room furniture that you need is a dining table. Having a dining table that's big enough to accommodate everyone in your family is especially important. If you have a small family but you have a large extended family, then consider looking for a dining table that has a leaf in it. A leaf will allow you to make your table bigger on certain occasions, but you can keep it a smaller size during the rest of the year. 

Dining Seating

When you think of dining seating, you may just think of getting matching chairs to go with your dining table, but thinking outside of the box will give you a more designer and eclectic look overall. When choosing seating, consider doing something like a combination of a bench and some chairs. The great thing about bench seating is that if you have a lot of kids to accommodate, they can easily squeeze all in together without you having to add more chairs to the table. A few fun dining seating trends right now including French Bistro chairs and woven chairs. 

Buffet Table

Buffet tables are another fun piece of dining furniture to add to your dining room. Not only do they tend to have a lot of storage at the bottom of them, but they create the perfect buffet space for you to lay out food on during the holiday season. Then, when it's not the holidays or you aren't' hosting, you can put pretty accent pieces like candlesticks or picture frames on the top of your buffet table. 

Dining rooms can be the perfect gathering space for you to host dinners, brunches, or holiday parties in. Keep these suggestions in mind when you are out shopping for some new dining room furniture.