3 Features To Look For When Choosing New Furniture For Your Bed-And-Breakfast Rooms

3 Features To Look For When Choosing New Furniture For Your Bed-And-Breakfast Rooms

8 November 2019
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Putting new furniture in your bed-and-breakfast rooms is a surefire way to increase guest satisfaction and improve your profits over time. Here are a few features you should look for when choosing new bedroom furniture for your bed-and-breakfast:

Neutral Colors

One important feature to look for when choosing new furniture for the bedrooms in your bed-and-breakfast is neutral colors. Neutral-colored furniture will be most likely to appeal to your guests no matter what their tastes are. Brightly colored furniture can be distracting and make the room look too cluttered. But tan, beige, and light brown furniture will help keep the room bright without overwhelming the senses.

Neutral-colored furniture will effectively complement any décor you want to put in the room too. If you want to give the room some life with color, you can always utilize brightly colored accent pillows and throw blankets to embellish your bedroom furniture with. Colorful picture frames, lampshades, and area rugs can help add some extra depth to your rooms as well.

Smooth Surfaces

It's also a good idea to choose bedroom furniture that features smooth surfaces and clean-cut corners so everything is easier to clean when guests check out. If your bedroom furniture has designs etched into it or features curves with lots of crevices, you'll likely spend a lot more time than you want to cleaning the furniture between guests, no matter how clean your guests try to be.

Lint, dust, hair, dirt, and debris can all build up in those furniture crevices in a short amount of time. So making sure your furniture has smooth surfaces will help you avoid the need to do more than just wipe and dust the furniture between tenancies.

Real Wood Material

To ensure that your new bedroom furniture lasts for the next several years without having to be replaced, it's important to make sure that any pieces you purchase are made of real solid wood—not materials like particleboard. Solid wood will hold up to wear and tear without chipping, bowing, or breaking down altogether.

At most, you may have to sand a piece of furniture down and repaint it due to wear as time goes on, and a few screws might have to be tightened. But you shouldn't have to make any major repairs or replacements until you're ready for an entirely new look for your bed-and-breakfast rooms.

For more help, reach out to a bedroom furniture supplier near you.