Why Install A Queen Murphy Bed In Your Studio Apartment

Why Install A Queen Murphy Bed In Your Studio Apartment

27 July 2020
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When you live in a studio apartment, size matters with everything you have within the apartment's walls. Even a bed takes up a lot of space, and while you need a space to sleep, you don't have to sacrifice square footage to achieve it.

Here are reasons why you should consider a Queen Murphy bed for your studio apartment. A Murphy bed is a type of bed that you pull down from a wall, rather than a fixed bed frame that sits on the floor. Similar to a pull-out couch in operation, when you are done using a queen Murphy bed for the night, you can simply put it up in the wall again. Once you have the Murphy bed installed, you'll see how much space the bed actually frees up for you.

You free up space and add privacy

You don't want people to see how and where you sleep when you entertain guests, but when you live in a studio apartment, you have no real personal and private room to call your own for sleeping. When you put a Queen Murphy bed in your wall, you eliminate two issues with studio apartment living: space restrictions and lack of privacy. Simply put the bed back in the wall during the daytime and use the free space for entertaining guests or putting a table and chair.

You have more space for comfortable sleeping

The standard queen is the most popular and common bed size, making a Queen Murphy Bed ideal for most of your sleeping needs. Whether you sleep alone or have a guest now and then, if you upgrade from a twin or full size mattress to a queen, you'll have more space for comfortable sleeping. Since the bed's in the wall anyhow, you won't be taking up any more square footage most of the time when the bed is not in use.

You have less install costs than you think

An average Murphy bed, complete with installation costs and complete shelving, usually costs around $3,000. This is a minor investment compared to upgrading to a larger apartment or making other accommodations to make your studio apartment feel larger. Your Murphy bed can fold out either vertically or horizontally, depending on the size and height of the wall the bed will be put in.

A Queen Murphy bed can benefit your living space in many ways. Call a Murphy bed specialist to help you put your Murphy bed in for you