What Is The Best Barbecue For You?

What Is The Best Barbecue For You?

1 November 2019
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There are so many barbecue types and styles to choose from because not every type is right for everyone. While this means you will be able to find the right one for you, it does make shopping for an outdoor barbecue a bit more time consuming, because you have to make plenty of decisions during the shopping process. In order to find the right model, consider these things:

Do you want gas or charcoal?

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make is to decide whether gas or charcoal is the best choice for you. Gas barbecues tend to provide even cooking and they heat up faster. Also, you don't have to do as much cleaning with the gas grills. Charcoal grills tend to be more portable and they can also offer a hotter flame. Ultimately, most people choose the type they go with because they are more familiar with that type and therefore think it's the best.

How portable do you want your barbecue to be?

If you want the barbecue on your patio now, but there are also times you may want it to be on the front porch, or anywhere else, then you definitely need a portable barbecue. However, if you know you are always going to want the barbecue in one spot, you might want to consider having it built into a permanent outdoor grilling area. If this is the case, then you want to choose the right barbecue that will be able to become a permanent part of the entire grilling area.

How large do you want the barbecue to be?

While it can be nerve-wracking to have a barbecue that is too small when you entertain a good amount of people, you will be fine with a large barbecue when you are only grilling for a small number of people. Therefore, you want to go with the largest barbecue you may need, but also make sure it isn't too large for what you prefer.

What other features do you want?

You can go with an outdoor barbecue that is strictly a barbecue, or you can get one with burners on one, or even both sides. You can get ones that have a food prep area on one for both sides. You can go with one that has each of these things. You also want to consider whether you want other features such as a window in the lid, wheels and a handle, shelves under the grill, utensil holders, etc.

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