3 Fun Ideas For An Outside Bar Area

3 Fun Ideas For An Outside Bar Area

4 November 2019
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If you love to entertain friends outside, you need to build your own outside bar area. Having an outside bar area can enhance the usability of your backyard area, and make your overall outdoor space more fun to hang out in. There are so many different ways to build a custom outdoor bar set area.  

Idea #1: An Open-Kitchen Outdoor Bar 

If your kitchen is positioned so that it looks out on your backyard, you can easily connect your kitchen and backyard so that you don't have to put in your own backyard bar. Instead, you can take a part of your kitchen, and install a rolling window, kind of like a mini-garage door, that you can roll upwards, connecting your kitchen with the outside.  

This will allow you to create great food and drinks in your kitchen, and easily pass them off to someone outside. This is great if your kitchen overlooks your backyard, and you want to connect the two areas together in an efficient manner. 

Idea #2: Turn a Shed into a Bar Area 

If you want to have a dedicated bar area that is covered, you can install a small shed in your backyard and turn it into a bar area. You will need to do a little modification to the shed. For example, you'll need to create a bar area by cutting out an open window and installing an actual bar counter on the outside. Then, inside of the shed, you'll want to install electricity and plumbing so you can set-up a fridge and sink for mixing drinks.  

On the outside of the shed, where the "bar" opens up, you may want to put down a pavers or cement, and add a covered patio so that you can enjoy the bar area rain or shine.  

Idea #3: Combination Outside Kitchen-Bar 

If you like to cook and drink, you can create your own outdoor kitchen-bar combination. You can build an outdoor kitchen space, complete with a built-in barbeque, oven, and smoker, and then wrap around that space and add a bar counter, bar stools, and supplies for making drinks. There are lots of ways to put together an outside kitchen-bar combination. You can put it up against your home, or you can make it a stand-alone feature. You can create a kitchen-bar combination under a covered patio, or you can put it under a custom pergola. A combination outside kitchen-bar is a great idea if you really love to spend lots of time outside through the year, and you like entertaining. 

When it comes to creating an outside bar space, there are a lot of different ways you can go with this idea. You can connect your kitchen to the outdoors with a rolling open window, you can turn a shed into a custom bar, or you can create a combination outdoor kitchen and bar area.