Eager To Add Value To Your Rental Property With New Furniture? 3 Things To Look For

Eager To Add Value To Your Rental Property With New Furniture? 3 Things To Look For

4 November 2019
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Keeping your rental property in great condition and helping it rent out for more has a lot to do with exactly how you're showing it to potential tenants. If you've chosen to rent out the property fully furnished, it's important that the furniture you select gives the property the kind of impression that you want to make.

While affordable furniture can make setting up the property cheaper, it can often have the effect of preventing you from able to charge as much for rent. Consider some of the following things when you're buying new furniture if you want to make sure that the property is appealing.

Consider the Types of Wood

When you're picking up new wood furniture for the property, you need to look into exactly what kind of wood is going add the most value. Particleboard can be a big mistake due to how cheaply it's made and the construction issues that can occur. Instead of letting this be a problem, look for more durable wood such as ash, oak, or walnut.

With more desirable wood being used for furniture, you can make sure that any wood pieces of furniture are going to stay in much better condition, and you'll give potential tenants a better impression when viewing the property.

Look for Comfortable and Durable Seating

As you look for anything with cushions such as the sofa or padded dining room chairs, you need to make sure that the interior of the cushions is in good shape. With foam padding underneath the fabric, cheap furniture can be a big mistake since it can quickly wear down and become less comfortable after just a year.

Trying out different types of cushions and prioritizing both comfort and durability can ensure that you're not making a mistake with the kind of furniture you choose.

Pay Attention to the Construction

When you're viewing different pieces of furniture you can get for your rental property, you need to also pay attention to details such as the joints and the amount of work that goes into construction. With more durable furniture that stays in great shape, you won't need to worry about your furniture falling apart or it requiring a lot of maintenance such as deep cleaning and tightening screws.

Shopping around for the right furniture can come with a lot of questions since you want to make sure that you don't end up with furniture that's a bad choice for the property. Instead of ending up with furniture that you'll be disappointed with or making the rental property look cheap, the above tips can go a long way towards helping the property rent out easier due to its luxury appearance.

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