Why Glass Outdoor Furniture Is Less Than Ideal

Why Glass Outdoor Furniture Is Less Than Ideal

4 November 2019
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Outdoor furniture can improve the comfort and functionality of the seating areas outside of your home, but you always want to choose furniture that is suitable for a number of reasons. When you're shopping for tables to place outdoors, you'll sometimes come across those with glass tops. There's no debating that these pieces of furniture possess a high degree of visual appeal, but they're not necessarily your best choice. Here are some reasons that you should choose tables made of materials other than glass.

Glass Can Break

While it's true that outdoor tables that have glass tops will almost always use tempered glass to provide rigidity and safety, it's still possible for tempered glass to break. Whether you were to drop a beer bottle on the table or your kids were to throw a baseball that hit the table, there would likely be broken glass. This can obviously be a minor safety hazard and will also leave you in need of a new outdoor table.

Glass Is Heavy

Some homeowners enjoy the flexibility of moving around their outdoor furniture depending on where they'll be sitting. If you're someone who frequently entertains guests, you might rearrange your deck furniture before each gathering based on the number of people in attendance. Glass is heavier than many other materials that are used in outdoor furniture, which means that it can be heavy and awkward to move. This is a problem if you frequently move your furniture, especially if you have back issues or you're elderly and are concerned about lifting heavy weights.

Glass Is Possible To Overlook

In low-light conditions, such as when you're having guests over for some drinks on your deck in the evening, a glass-top table can be easy to overlook. One of your guests might bump into the table, potentially causing a minor injury to his or her leg. Additionally, this issue may cause drinks and food on the table to spill.

What To Get Instead

If you've decided that glass won't be the right choice for your outdoor tables, there are many other materials to consider instead. Plastic, wood, and metal are all good choices, and each material can offer numerous benefits. If you favor the transparent look that glass provides, a table with a clear plastic top can be a smart selection. Visit a furniture retailer in your community that offers a broad selection of outdoor furniture in these varied materials.

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