Why A Curved Sectional Is A Good Choice

Why A Curved Sectional Is A Good Choice

15 April 2021
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When you picture a sectional couch, you may automatically think of a piece of furniture that is shaped like the letter "L." While it's true that many sectionals fit this description, it's important to note that there are other options that are available if you're in the market for this furniture. When you visit a furniture store that carries a wide range of sectionals, you'll almost certainly find some that are curved, closely resembling the letter "C." Here are some reasons why a curved sectional can be a good choice for your home.

It Adds Visual Contrast

Before you decide what type of sectional you'll buy, it's a good idea to think about the overall appearance of this room where you'll place your new piece of furniture. Many rooms have a lot of straight lines. For example, you might have a rectangular area rug, a fireplace, and paintings on the wall — all of which contain a multitude of straight lines. In such a scenario, a curved sectional can be a good choice because it provides visual contrast. The curved nature of this piece of furniture will stand out among all of the straight lines in the space, which can help to give the room more of a balanced feel.

It Allows People To Face Each Other More Easily

While you and your family members will use your sectional for different activities, it can be a good piece of furniture to sit on for conversations. The curved shape is ideal in this application, as it will allow people to sit on each end of the sectional and face each other while they enjoy proper back support. An "L"-shaped sectional doesn't provide this opportunity to the same degree. If people wish to face each other, they'd likely need to twist their bodies and may not have adequate back support.

It Works With A Circular Coffee Table

A lot of people like circular coffee tables for different reasons, including the fact that they don't have sharp corners on which you can inadvertently bang your legs. A circular coffee table can sometimes be a poor visual fit with an "L"-shaped sectional, but it can work well with a curved model. For example, the curve of the coffee table may be similar to the inside curve of the sectional, creating visual symmetry when you situate the coffee table in the center of the "C" shape. Visit a furniture store to view curved sectionals.