Three Common Features Of A Contemporary Office Chair

Three Common Features Of A Contemporary Office Chair

22 April 2021
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When you shop for new chairs for your office, one of the first things that you should think about is what look you want them to offer. It's useful to consider the overall vibe of your office space as you think about this topic. For example, if your office is set up in a contemporary manner, this may play a pivotal role in the type of chairs you decide to buy. Fortunately, there are all sorts of office chairs that have a contemporary appearance, which will give you plenty of choices about what to buy. The look of contemporary office chairs can vary considerably, but here are some features that you'll often find.

Bright Colors

Traditional office chairs are often brown, black, or gray. While you can likely find contemporary seating options in these colors, you'll likely notice that contemporary chairs are also available in a wide range of bright colors. You might find burnt orange, lime green, or turquoise, each of which can add a considerable splash of color to your workplace. Think about what colors would suit your environment. For example, if you use red in your company's branding and have red decorative elements throughout the office, a contemporary office chair that has the same color of red will tie into your branding.

Exposed Metal

Looking at a selection of traditional office chairs will often reveal little to no exposed metal. Instead, you'll often only see materials such as leather and wood. With contemporary designs, exposed metal is common. This can create a favorable look for an office with other contemporary elements. Depending on the type of chair you're looking at, you might notice exposed metal arms, legs, and other elements. Sometimes, the metal is shiny to produce a stainless steel-like appearance. In other cases, it will have a brushed finish to offer more of a matte look.

Lighter Appearance

When you think of a traditional office chair, you might picture a large, heavy type of seating. When you browse some contemporary designs, you'll often find that the opposite can be true. Many contemporary office chairs have a lighter look. For example, instead of thick arms, the arms of these chairs may be a little thinner. The lighter design looks less bulky, which means that it can work well in smaller office spaces. Chairs that are physically lighter in weight can also be convenient to move around — for example, if you need employees to roll their chairs to a central part of the office for team meetings.

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