How To Get The Correct Sizing For The Glass Chair Mat In Your Carpeted Home Office

How To Get The Correct Sizing For The Glass Chair Mat In Your Carpeted Home Office

1 July 2022
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According to Pew Research, many people who have the option to work from home are choosing to do so instead of going to their workplace. Because of this, many people have transformed a carpeted spare bedroom into a home office to accommodate their new norm. This, in turn, created a boom in the home office furniture market—including chair mats.

Trying to roll around in an office chair on carpeting or a plastic chair mat that covers carpeting can lead to strain and pain. Instead of struggling to move your desk chair around, purchase a glass chair mat. Here's how to select the right one for your needs. 

Tape off & measure your workspace area

Sit in your office chair and consider how you use the workspace. Do you need to roll around a lot or are you stationary? Do you roll from your desk to the printer or a filing cabinet or do you remain in one spot? How far underneath your desk do you roll the chair? Where are the legs of the desk, printer stand, filing cabinet, and any other office furniture?

As you sit in the chair and go through your typical movements, place a piece of painter's tape on the floor to show the area that needs to be covered by a glass chair mat. Then, outline the area in a square or rectangle and measure the area. If your desk has drawers or cabinets on one or both sides, outline the area for the chair mat underneath the desk for a mat that has a tab feature.

Measure twice to purchase the correct size

Measure the area twice to make sure you order the correct size so you don't accidentally order a mat that is too big or the tabs of the mat are incorrectly placed. The reason for this is so you can avoid placing any furniture directly on top of the chair mat. Even though glass chair mats are durable and can withstand many pounds, placing the glass mat underneath one side of the desk will cause the desktop to be uneven or tilted. 

So, you'll want to avoid placing furniture directly on the edge of the glass mat so items like your writing utensils don't roll off of your desk. If you can't find a chair mat in the correct size to meet your needs, you can have one custom-built to your specifications.

To explore your options, look at stores like Glass Chairmats Online to find a style you like.