Pros And Cons Of Using An Umbrella Stand Inside Your Front Entrance

Pros And Cons Of Using An Umbrella Stand Inside Your Front Entrance

4 November 2019
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When you shop at a local furniture store, there may be far more products than sofas, beds, tables, and chairs that may catch your eye. Often, these stores sell smaller pieces of furniture that you may want to think about adding to your home. One such item is an umbrella stand, which was more popular in the past than it is today, but can still be a valuable device to set just inside your front door. If you're thinking about buying one, evaluate these pros and cons first:

Pro: Ideal In Some Climates

If you live in a rainy climate and routinely have people over to your home who carry umbrellas — and you often use one yourself — an umbrella stand can be a good investment. This device not only hangs the umbrellas to dry, but also keeps them tidy. Currently, people may be placing their umbrellas on your floor or perhaps even on furniture near the door.

Con: Not Ideal In Some Areas

You may love the idea of getting an umbrella stand, but it's a good idea to evaluate how rainy your area is. Doing so will dictate how much use this device will get. For example, while you may notice an umbrella stand that would perfectly match the style that you have around your front entrance, your furniture budget would be better spent on other devices if you live somewhere that seldom experiences rain.

Pro: Helpful For Other Storage

One good thing about an umbrella stand is that even if people don't have umbrellas to hang from it, it can be useful for other storage. Its low height makes it a perfect spot for a child to hang a rainy jacket before you place it in the front closet, for example. In the winter, the umbrella stand can hold snowy mittens and hats to allow them to dry out. You may even find guests who hang their purses from this device upon entering your home.

Con: Adds Clutter

The space immediately inside your front door can sometimes be cluttered, with your family members' shoes strewn around, dog accessories stacked nearby, and other things stored in this area. If your entrance space isn't very large, it can be difficult for you, your family, and your guests to successfully navigate it. Adding one more piece of furniture, even if it is small, may promote more clutter than you'd like. If you favor the idea of an umbrella stand, you can find a suitable one; if not, you can focus your furniture-buying budget in other areas.