Don't Buy Cheap Furniture: High-End Pieces Make More Sense

Don't Buy Cheap Furniture: High-End Pieces Make More Sense

7 November 2019
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Most people are always looking for a bargain, and while there is nothing wrong with saving money, finding cheap pieces shouldn't be your goal when you furnish your home. Instead, high-end furniture pieces often make more sense for more reasons than one.


Low-quality furniture often goes hand in hand with big box stores. While these retailers do keep their prices low, they do so at the sacrifice of function and convenience. Furniture pieces from these locations are massed produced and designed to accommodate a one-size-fits-all lifestyle, which isn't the reality. High-end furniture typically comes along with the option to customize certain features on the furniture. For instance, if you love the design of a leather sofa but you're afraid your cat might damage it, you can have the sofa designed with a different upholstery option. 


Cheap furniture is cheap for one very important reason — it's made from cheap materials. Particleboard and MDF are two common materials used for inexpensive furniture to mimic wood. The problem is that these materials are incredibly soft, and with even the slightest amount of pressure applied in the wrong location, these materials will break. High-end furniture pieces don't use products that mimic wood; they use actual wood to ensure the pieces are more durable and equipped to withstand everyday life. 


The finish of a furniture piece does much more than affect its appearance. The finish of a piece will also speak to its durability. If you choose low-quality furniture, you're more likely to find pieces that have low-quality varnish. Not only does low-quality varnish tend to look dull quickly, but it can easily wear away and expose the underlayer of the material, which typically opens the door to permanent damage. High-end pieces are treated with high-end polishes to ensure they look good longer and are protected. 


A cheap item causes you to lose out on any savings you thought you received when you have to purchase it over and over again. If you look exclusively for low-quality pieces to outfit your home, your furniture will not last very long and you will likely find that you need to replace your pieces every few years, which can be costly. High-end furniture is an investment, but it is an investment that will yield returns for a much longer period. For instance, a hand-crafted hickory chair can easily last a generation if taken care of. 

If you are in the market for new furniture, remember to always put quality over quantity for the best results.

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