White Nights: How To Keep Your Farmhouse-Style Bedroom From Looking Washed Out

White Nights: How To Keep Your Farmhouse-Style Bedroom From Looking Washed Out

7 November 2019
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What's not to love about the crisp, fresh, and clean look of a farmhouse bedroom with its white walls and simplistic design? The soothing look is conducive to relaxation and a good night's sleep, but too much white can make the room look washed out. Adding some subtle hints of color will enhance the room without sacrificing the fresh and clean look.

Add color with bedroom furniture

It can be tempting to choose all white furniture to maintain the farmhouse theme in your bedroom. However, adding some furniture in a color other than white will add the contrast you need without detracting from the freshness of the white environment. Some good choices for bedroom furniture are light, oak-type woods or weathered woods.

Mix and match furniture to enhance the farmhouse look. For instance, select a weathered wooden headboard for the bed. Add an oak bench to the foot of the bed. Use white dressers, but add a pop of subtle color by purchasing lamps with a rustic wood base.

Take advantage of rugs sold at the furniture store. An area rug in beige or light gray can pull the bedroom together while adding some needed color. Jute, sea grass, and hemp rugs are also good choices for bringing a touch of appealing color to a farmhouse bedroom. Visit a store that offers furniture sales to see more options. 

Add a rustic sliding door

Replace a traditional door with a sliding door in a rustic wood design. This can make a huge impact on the eye appeal of the room. Choose light woods for the best results, as darker woods can be too harsh in a white room.

Layer bedding in colors

Avoid using white sheets with a white comforter white and pillows. Use beige sheets with a white comforter. A light gray or pale blue blanket folded at the foot of the bed will provide just the right amount of color to make the bed inviting and cozy.

Purchasing a reversible comforter in two neutral shades is another great way to experiment with subtle pops of color in your bedroom. Flip the comforter to change the look entirely, or simply fold a section down at the top to provide a little contrast.

The farmhouse decorating style continues to grow in popularity and will likely remain a decorating trend in the future. Learning creative ways to highlight the crisp white look you love — by adding subtle hints of color throughout the room — is the secret to farmhouse decorating success.