Filling And Decorating Your New Vitrine Cabinet

Filling And Decorating Your New Vitrine Cabinet

8 November 2019
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Antique-style vitrine cabinets are perfect for displaying your fine china and other niceties. The glass on the front of the cabinet really allows your items to be admired, and the tall cabinet itself is sure to attract its own attention. When you get your new vitrine cabinet home, you probably can't wait to find a spot for it and start filling it. However, there are a few guidelines to adhere to as you do so.

1. Place it away from the general footpath.

Pay attention to how people walk through your rooms. You don't want to put your vitrine cabinet right along the common footpath, as this will have a lot of people touching the glass and maybe even bumping into it. Instead, place it across the room in a less-visited corner. It can be visible without being right where people stand.

2. Make sure chairs won't back into it.

If you place the cabinet in your dining room, as is customary, make sure it is far enough from the table that people won't back their chairs into it as they get up from the table. This could result not only in injuries, but in glass flying everywhere; nobody wants a broken cabinet.

3. Put more delicate items higher up.

If you have really valuable china, place it on the higher shelves of the cabinet. Place less-valued items that you use less often on the lower shelves. Not only will this allow you to reach the more-used items easily, but it will also keep guests (and your kids) from handling the more valuable items because they really have to reach for them.

4. Only put non-breakable items on top of the cabinet.

Vitrine cabinets have skinny tops, which look nice but are not great surfaces for decorating. All you would need to do is jostle the cabinet the tiniest bit to send items tumbling down to the floor. As such, you should never decorate with anything fragile on top of the cabinet. Some doilies, stuffed dolls, or plastic items may be suitable, but dishes and glass figurines are not.

Vitrine cabinets can add elegance and a vintage style to your dining room or other living spaces. However, they are delicate and are often used to house delicate items, so you need to be cautious. Follow the tips above as you decorate with and fill your vitrine cabinet, and it will remain a thing of beauty.

For more information on vitrine cabinets, such as antique French Louis XV vitrine cabinets, contact a furniture store.