Key Considerations For Setting Up Your New Control Room

Key Considerations For Setting Up Your New Control Room

8 November 2019
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If you've recently expanded your business operations and need to set up a control room to provide a central operation location, the design of that control room is an important decision. Before you start investing in the first control room furniture you can find, there are some things you should give thought to. Here are a couple of things to consider as you start your control room design.

Control Room Furniture Selection

Remember that your control room is going to be a hub of activity pretty much all the time. That means you need to establish a center that's going to be comfortable, productive, and long-lasting. Budget for higher-end furniture that's designed for durability so that you don't have to worry about rapid wear and tear in the active, productive environment that your control room will be.

Look for ergonomic furniture that will keep your staff comfortable and reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries. Your chairs, tables, and workstations should all be selected with ergonomic designs in mind.

You'll also want to make sure you have the basic layout of the room in mind before you start selecting that furniture. You need to know how much furniture you're putting in the room so that you can map out the walking paths. Remember that your control room staff should have plenty of room for free movement so that they can move around as necessary to get things done without tripping over each other or causing disruptions.

Audio-Visual Equipment Installation

Your control room will also need to have plenty of audio-visual equipment. From monitors to conference call equipment, you will need to incorporate all of it into your design. Consider installing wall-mounted monitors to save the floor space for your furniture. That way, you still have the technology accessible without sacrificing room for your staff.

You may also want to incorporate some form of sound barrier in a corner of your control room for conference calls and meetings. That way, everything can happen all in one space without disrupting the ongoing operations with noise issues and other interference.

The better your planning for the new control room, the more effective the space is going to be. Take these tips into consideration as you design the space and make sure that you map the whole thing out before you start any implementation. With the right layout, furniture, and audio-visual equipment, you can have the environment you need for your operations.

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