Pros And Cons Of Outfitting A Room With Small Furniture

Pros And Cons Of Outfitting A Room With Small Furniture

8 November 2019
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There are few things in a room that have more impact to its overall look and feel than the furniture. While there are many steps that you can take to improve the design of a room, you always want to ensure that the furniture is right. If you're planning to change your living room around and this change will include new furniture, looking at different pieces should be one of your first steps. Some homeowners favor small furniture; here are some pros and cons of opting for smaller pieces.

Pro: More Free Space

There's little doubt that the biggest advantage of choosing small furniture is that it will free up more space in the room. An oversized couch and a couple of large chairs can quickly fill a living room, leaving minimal floor space and potentially making navigating the room difficult. When you buy furniture that is on the smaller size, the room will be roomier — often making it feel as though it's larger in square footage.

Con: Risk Of Discomfort

Small pieces of furniture can be suitable for a lot of people, but this isn't always the case. People who are overweight may find small furniture to be rickety below their bodies, for example. While two average-sized people may be able to comfortably sit on a small couch together, two overweight people could feel cramped sharing this piece of furniture. You'll want to evaluate the physical stature of your family members and the frequent visitors to your home to decide if small furniture will be ideal.

Pro: Easier To Move

If you're going to be bring your new furniture home yourself or if you're outfitting a living space that isn't conveniently accessible to the door of your home, you'll appreciate smaller furniture. It's lighter, and its diminished size makes it easy to carry through your home without damaging the walls or the furniture itself. Should you be planning to move from one house to another in the life of the furniture, moving day will be easier, too.

Con: Other Items Can Look Awkward

It's possible for the other items in your living space to be appear awkward when you substitute your regular-sized furniture with small furniture. For example, a grandfather clock may suddenly look larger than it actually is, or your coffee table may dominate the room visually. You can avoid such problems by replacing more than just the furniture in the room.

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