Tips For Dealing With A Removable Mattress Cover

Tips For Dealing With A Removable Mattress Cover

8 November 2019
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The comfort of a mattress is paramount when you're shopping for a new one, but you'll also need to take note of other factors that can make one mattress a better choice to buy over another. Some mattresses come with removable covers, and while the presence of a cover might not exactly make or break your decision to buy one mattress over another, it can definitely be something to evaluate. A removable cover is designed to protect the mattress itself, which can help to keep it clean and prolong its life. Here are some tips to remember for dealing with the removable cover of your new mattress.

Schedule Times To Wash It

As you use the mattress, its removable cover will absorb sweat and the odor of your body. It's better for the cover to absorb the sweat and odor than the mattress itself, but you'll want to wash the cover regularly so that the smell from it doesn't begin to seep into the mattress. People have different mindsets as to the frequency of washing their mattress covers, but the big thing is to remember to actually do it. You may have success scheduling it well in advance so that you don't go too long between washes.

Hang It To Dry

In addition to being large in size, the removable cover of your mattress can also be thick, depending on the type of mattress that you buy. It's ideal if you can wash it when the weather is nice, as this will allow you to hang the cover outside to dry. Doing so has a couple of benefits. Drying the mattress cover in the sunlight, rather than in your dryer, is cost effective because of the amount of time the cover would require in the dryer. Additionally, hanging it will prevent it from shrinking, which could happen in the dryer. If the cover were to shrink, it might not fit over the mattress properly.

Consider A Second Sheet

If you're someone who is really meticulous about keeping your things clean, you'll likely have this mindset about your mattress and its removable cover. In an effort to further keep the cover clean, one option is to place a second fitted sheet over the mattress. You can wash this fitted sheet and your primary fitted sheet, along with your top sheet, when you do the laundry each weekend. Doing so will help to keep the mattress cover and, by extension, the mattress, in clean condition.