Creating Custom Wood Wall Beds

Creating Custom Wood Wall Beds

11 November 2019
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Wall beds will give people the chance to use the space in their rooms more effectively. People will also not have to buy a lot of new items in order to get their new fold-down beds, making things more convenient overall. 

Customers Will Not Have to Purchase New Mattresses When They Get Wall Beds

Some people will need to replace their mattresses when they get new beds of any type. Some customers will try to get around this issue by specifically ordering custom beds. However, none of this should be a problem at all when fold-down beds are involved. Both large and small mattresses should be able to fit well on custom wall bed structures.

Fold-down beds and mattresses usually are not sold together in the first place. Customers can be more flexible when ordering wall beds in different ways, especially regarding the materials that are used to make the bed.

Many Fold-Down Beds Are Constructed Using Solid Wood or Particle Board

The customers who want to customize their wall beds will certainly have the chance to select the bed's primary materials. Many customers will still choose solid wood for their fold-down beds. A bed made using solid wood will be extremely sturdy. These beds are also very durable. While it's true that wall beds were actually designed to be stable, some people will still feel more comfortable knowing that they're using a solid wood wall bed.

Lots of people will also appreciate solid wood when it comes to its design. Solid wood furniture, in general, tends to have a very classic appearance. People who select solid wood for their fold-down beds will also be able to pick lots of different types of solid wood in the process, giving them significantly more choices overall. Cedar, oak, birch, and cherry wood are all very popular options. 

However, there are advantages associated with choosing plywood and particle board for a wall bed, and a number of customers will still pick these particular materials instead. They might be able to save money in the process without sacrificing anything. 

Plywood Wall Beds Are Nearly as Strong as Solid Wood Beds

The people who want the most inexpensive wall beds will usually need to get particle board beds. However, plywood beds have a tendency to be a bit tougher. Plywood might not be as costly as solid wood, and people might not notice the difference visually.