Tips For Choosing Wheels For Your Rolling Filing Cabinet

Tips For Choosing Wheels For Your Rolling Filing Cabinet

11 November 2019
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Your office likely has a number of heavy filing cabinets that you've placed in strategic areas to make them convenient to access. If you're looking for an additional filing system, however, smaller cabinets with wheels can be effective. Rolling filing cabinets are handy because of their portability. For example, if one employee will be accessing files from the cabinet for the better part of a day, he or she can simply wheel the filing cabinet to his or her office or cubicle and keep it there until the job is done. Here are some tips for choosing wheels for your office filing systems.

Consider The Height 

Your local office furniture store likely carries a variety of rolling filing cabinets, and one thing that you'll want to consider is the height of each unit. Rolling filing cabinets tend to be short enough to fit under a conventional desk by design. This way, an employee can push the cabinet under his or her desk to avoid having it clutter the workspace. When you're evaluating the cabinet that you wish to buy, make sure to factor in how much height the wheels add. You don't want to get the cabinet to your office and realize that the wheels make it too tall to fit under the desks.

Choose Four Spinners

Sometimes, a piece of furniture with four wheels will have two wheels that spin 360 degrees and two that only roll back and forth. The premise is that this setup is similar to the four wheels of a vehicle — meaning that you can turn the side of the furniture with the spinning wheels to make it go where you want. Other pieces of furniture, including rolling filing cabinets, have four wheels that spin 360 degrees. Choosing a product with these wheels can make it easier to move in tight spaces.

Evaluate The Floor

Generally, you'll find that rolling filing cabinet wheels are either made of plastic or rubber. Before you decide what type of cabinet to buy, consider the floor in your office. If you have a hard floor, rubber wheels will operate quietly. Conversely, the plastic option may be louder on this type of flooring, which is an issue that can quickly become annoying — especially if lots of people are using the filing cabinets throughout each workday. If much of your office is carpeted, either wheel style can be suitable to choose.