Why It's Worthwhile To Have Your New Mattress Delivered

Why It's Worthwhile To Have Your New Mattress Delivered

12 November 2019
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When you buy a new mattress at a local store, you have the choice of taking it home with you that day or having the store deliver it to you. While you might be eager to take the mattress home immediately so that you can begin using it, it's often worthwhile to consider the merits of delivery — even if the delivery won't happen for a day or two. Talk to the mattress store's sales representative about delivery, and you may quickly realize that this is the best method to proceed with. Here are some reasons that delivery is a good idea.

You Won't Face The Struggle

There's little question that carting a new mattress home with you presents several challenges. The weight of the mattress can make it difficult to carry between the store, your car, and your home, but the size is the major concern. Unless you own a large truck or van, it's almost certain that you won't be able to fit the mattress inside of your vehicle. This leaves you with the difficult option of strapping it to your roof — and hoping that it remains there for the entire trip home. Choosing delivery helps you to avoid all of these struggles.

The Mattress Won't Get Dirty Or Damaged

If you and your spouse are attempting to carry a mattress together, there's a good chance that you might drag one corner on the ground because of the difficult nature of this job. It would be frustrating to get the mattress dirty or damaged before you get it inside, especially if you've already removed the protective cover so that the mattress is easier to carry. You can't return the mattress for a new one simply because you got it dirty or damaged it during transit, which leaves you in an unenviable position. Professional delivery personnel will handle your mattress with care so that damage isn't a concern.

It May Not Cost You Much

A mattress is a significant investment, so you shouldn't expect to pay a lot for having the store deliver it to you. Some stores charge a nominal delivery fee, while others offer free delivery when you spend a certain amount. Stores that charge for delivery might even waive this fee as a way of encouraging you to buy the mattress if you appear to be on the fence. Given that it might cost little to no money, delivery is a good choice for buyers.