Finding Luxury Hotel Bedding Sets

Finding Luxury Hotel Bedding Sets

13 November 2019
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People can get sheet sets that are completely luxurious in their own home. As long as they buy certain thread counts, they will never be able to tell the difference. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing luxury hotel bedding:

Certain Thread Counts Will Make a Bedding Set Particularly Luxurious

Many people will try to compare the thread counts in different linen sets. Some customers will prefer bedding sets that have relatively low or high thread counts. However, the luxury linens used at hotels tend to have thread counts that will fall within a specific range. They'll have counts of over a couple hundred. Thread counts that are much higher than that are sometimes regarded as ideal. 

There's no reason for people to specifically look for thread counts that are higher than that. These sheets won't be significantly softer, and some people might think that the linens will be too soft at that point.

When sheets with very high thread counts are washed and used consistently, they'll gradually become softer. Linen sets that have moderately high thread counts may be more balanced. As long as people get cotton linens, they'll already be getting relatively smooth sheets.

Luxury Linen Sets Typically Aren't Made With Microfiber Materials

There are high-quality sheets that use materials other than cotton, but it's still more common for people to find luxury cotton bedding sets of all kinds. Many hotels will specifically use cotton sheets. It's easier to get sheets that have an ideal thread count if those sheets are made using cotton. There's also the fact that cotton sheets tend to have a cooling effect that will help people sleep more comfortably in most seasons. 

Many people will also find that cotton sheets will last longer than microfiber versions, especially if they are washed using cold water. Since these sheets are made using cotton, certain bedding colors will also be easier to find.

People Who Want Certain Bedding Set Colors May Have a Difficult Time Finding Them

Most people will notice that the bedding sets that are used in hotel rooms are often white, or at least close to it. In practice, it can be easier to clean these sorts of sheets. It's possible to just use bleach, and people will not need to worry about the colors of the linens fading. A lot of people will also just like the look of these sheets. There is a lot of demand for them among luxury linen customers.