Pros And Cons Of Buying 10 Chairs For Your Dining Room Set

Pros And Cons Of Buying 10 Chairs For Your Dining Room Set

13 November 2019
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When you're shopping for a dining room table and chair set, it's common for the set to include six or eight chairs. In many cases, choosing eight chairs is ideal because you probably don't have more than eight people over for a meal very often. Some dining room sets give you the option of buying 10 chairs instead of eight, which might be something that you're thinking about. Here are some pros and cons of getting 10 dining room chairs.

Pro: You Can Accommodate More Guests

If you equip yourself with 10 dining room chairs, you'll be able to have up to 10 dinner guests over to your home — and have everyone sit around the table. With just eight chairs, you might not feel comfortable inviting large groups over for meals. Or, you might have some people sit in a different spot for the meal, such as at a folding table set up in the hallway outside of the dining room.

Con: You'll Need More Storage Space

You probably won't have all 10 chairs around your dining room table on a daily basis. Instead, it's common to store some of these chairs and only get them out when you're hosting a large gathering. For some people, the idea of storing a few dining room chairs can be difficult. Your available storage space may be limited, and you may be unsure of how you'll free up enough space for these chairs.

Pro: You Won't Have To Buy Other Chairs

Sometimes, you'll decide to buy other chairs to use for large gatherings. For example, you might buy a selection of folding chairs that you can set up around the dining room table to complement your formal dining room chairs. The issue with this idea is that not only do you have the task of shopping for more chairs, but they won't match your existing set. When you get 10 dining room chairs, you can be confident in how the dining room furniture looks.

Con: You May Need To Expand Your Table

Not every dining room table is large enough to accommodate 10 chairs around it. You'll need to evaluate the size of the table that you're buying and determine how many chairs it can handle. In some cases, you may need to buy one or more table leaves so that you'll be able to expand the table enough to accommodate 10 chairs.

For more information, contact a furniture store that sells dining tables and chairs.