Why Fabric Panels Are a Valuable Addition to a Cubicle

Why Fabric Panels Are a Valuable Addition to a Cubicle

14 November 2019
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If you're planning to set up some cubicles in your office, it's ideal to think of the many ways that you can make them as comfortable as possible for those who will call these spaces home during the workday. One option that you might be considering is adding fabric panels to some of the walls of the cubicles. Many office furniture companies offer this design as an available upgrade, and it's definitely one that's worth choosing. Here are some reasons that these soft-surface walls can be a good addition to the cubicles in your place of work.

They Help to Absorb Noise

Offices can be noisy environments, with conversations, ringing phones, and typing all taking place throughout the day. Sounds bounce off hard surfaces, creating echoes and making a space noisier than it has to be. Soft walls in a cubicle, meanwhile, help to absorb the sound and can contribute to making your workplace quieter. This can be ideal for everyone. When an employee is on a personal call, for example, he or she won't feel as though everyone sitting nearby can hear. Likewise, if an employee is sitting near a peer who spends a significant percentage of the day on the phone, the employee won't be quite as aware of these conversations.

They're a Foundation for Decorating

Fabric-covered cubicle walls offer a perfect foundation for decorating. All an employee needs is a jar of small pins, and he or she can mount photos and other decorations to the walls with ease. No one enjoys working in a cubicle that doesn't feel personalized, so there's little doubt that your employees will take the time to pin up some of their personal effects in the space around them. The walls are also ideal for mounting work-related items, whether it's a phone list for everyone in the office or a schedule for an ongoing project.

They Make the Space Feel Warmer

There's a visual warmth that occurs when a cubicle has soft fabric panels inside of it. For some people, cubicle walls that are made of plastic or metal can have a cold feeling to them, but this won't be a concern when you choose an upgraded cubicle wall design. At home, many people seek to increase the coziness of their spaces with soft elements — for example, thick drapes or a tapestry that hangs on the wall. Fabric walls on the cubicles offer a similar feeling of warmth and coziness.