Work From Home? How To Put Together A Home Office On A Budget

Work From Home? How To Put Together A Home Office On A Budget

30 April 2020
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Working from home isn't something that everyone can do, but if your profession allows it, it can certainly be a luxury that you won't regret. Whether you have children at home, roommates around, or you just get distracted easily, one of the best ways to stay on task while working from home is to set up an office space that's specifically for you to get your work done in. Although you can spend thousands of dollars creating a home office that you will love, there are some ways that you can create a space while on a budget. 

Paint the Room

A fresh coat of paint in a room can go a long way, especially when it comes to an office. If your office is being set up in a room in the house that's rarely used or that's in a dark basement, adding a light color of paint like a bright white or even a light grey can really change the entire mood of the room. If you want something that will be bright and cheerful while you work, then you may want to choose a color like yellow or blue to help give you some daily motivation. 

Buy Used Furniture

Every home office needs at least a desk and a chair, but office furniture can be expensive. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on brand-new office furniture, consider finding things like used Knoll office furniture for sale. Oftentimes you can buy office furniture either directly from companies that are going out of business or upgrading, or you can buy them off of private sellers that just want to get rid of it. Either way, you can end up with some high-quality office furniture at a fraction of the price. 


If you are going to be working from home, you are going to need a little bit of inspiration to get you through the day and to prevent you from going into your living room and binge-watching Netflix. Once you have furniture and a fresh coat of paint, don't forget to add some nice decor to your office space. Different types of decor options include artwork, rugs, plants, and organizational containers to store on top of your desk. 

Although fixing up your home office on a budget may take a little bit of creativity and time, once you get it all together, you won't regret having an inspirational space to get work done from the comforts of your own home.