Find Easy-to-Clean Office Furniture

Find Easy-to-Clean Office Furniture

13 July 2020
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Some people already understand that furniture can have a large impact on the day-to-day operations within an office. However, what is less known is the fact that the furniture you choose for your office can hurt productivity by increasing the risk of illness amongst staff. If you are unaware of this factor, it is helpful to learn more about it. 


For many people who suffer from allergies, dust is a common trigger for their symptoms and discomfort. For people with a severe dust allergy, their condition can make it nearly impossible to work within the office. 

While dust can collect on just about any type of surface, there are certain surfaces in which it is harder to remove the dust collection. One of these is upholstered services. Upholstered chairs seem comfortable and luxurious to staff, but dust can settle into the fibers of the fabric and be nearly impossible to remove. 

For this reason, it is best to stick with mesh or leather office chairs to minimize this threat. Mesh and leather chairs are much easier to rid of dust, which significantly lowers the risk of excessive dust collection. 

Bacteria and Germs

Exposure to certain bacteria and germs also has the potential to make your team sick, especially when it comes to those found on desks. To minimize the threat of these germs being passed on, you probably do not want to choose furniture made from materials that are hard to clean or especially porous. For example, for certain low-quality laminate materials, the use of antibacterial cleaning solutions can cause damage to the surface. 

As a result, a person with this type of desk material may be less apt to clean it for fear of damage, which means the desk will become a germ hotspot. Choose materials that you can keep sanitized without fear of damage. 

A Professional Installation Company Can Help

If you need to overhaul your office furniture, an installation company can help. From helping you search for new pieces with reduced illness risks to assistance with selecting office furniture that improves overall functionality and work efficiency, an installation company can assist you. In the end, not only will your team be less prone to illness, but they will have better work performance, which can benefit your business. 

Make sure you do not have furniture in your office that is putting the staff at risk for illness. Talk with office furniture installers for more ideas.