When You Need To Replace Your Mattress

When You Need To Replace Your Mattress

12 August 2020
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How long mattresses last depends on several factors, including the material from which the mattress is made, its quality, and its frequency of use. You may need to replace your mattress even before the end of this period for several reasons.

Here is a look at some of these reasons, alongside common tell-tale signs that it is indeed time to go shopping for new mattresses to replace what you currently have.

Visible Deformations on the Mattress

Sags, dips, and clear body impressions develop in mattresses over time. You can offset these deformations by ensuring that you flip and rotate your mattresses as often as possible.

These deformations will no doubt affect the level of comfort and support you can expect when you lie down on your mattress. If this has become the case, then it is a sign that you need to look for a replacement.

Changes in Sleep Position Preference and Body Size

Pregnancy can influence a change in preference when it comes to sleeping positions. The same goes for if you are injured and in recovery. While this is not an exhaustive list of circumstances that may cause you to change your sleep preference, when it happens, you may want to consider replacing your mattresses to match the new sleeping positions.

Growth is inevitable, and with it, may come significant changes in your body size. With these changes, you may find that your sleeping positions have also changed. Therefore, it makes sense to consider replacing your mattresses since what served you so well back then may no longer be a good fit for your changed body size.

Experiencing Pain

Your mattress may be a part of the reason why you are always waking up to stiffened muscles and joints. This happens when your mattress is not a match for your body size and shape. It is also fairly common to experience such pain after lying down on worn-out mattresses.

If you have back pain, acute or chronic, you should ensure that you find mattresses that are a perfect match for helping to offset the pain. Go for anything but, and you will only end up aggravating the pain.

Upgrade. Upgrade. Upgrade

Whatever the reason behind you replacing your mattress, you could always do better. If you can, ensure that your replacement is an upgrade. You certainly deserve it, as it will do your body and mind so much good. You can always budget-friendly mattresses to choose from for your upgrade.

For more tips on buying mattresses, reach out to a local mattress store.