Antuque Bedroom Furniture Options Ideal For Storage

Antuque Bedroom Furniture Options Ideal For Storage

24 September 2020
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If your closet space isn't quite enough in your bedroom, then you can expand your options with furniture pieces. As you shop through an antique bedroom furniture supplier, you can find unique and restored storage pieces ideal for your bedroom.

Check out different furniture pieces to look for and learn how the antique furniture provides a lot of extra storage space.

Bedroom Wardrobes

Add a second closet to your home with the purchase of a bedroom wardrobe. The large pieces of furniture come in many intricate designs and many antique furniture pieces feature solid wood finishes as opposed to plasterboard or pressed wood. 

The interior of a wardrobe may include a bar for hanging items, shelves to place smaller items, and small drawers for socks and underwear. The interior could also feature mirrors on the inside of the door ideal for dressing. If you already have a closet space, the wardrobe can help you shuffle seasonal clothing in and out.

For example, in the winter, you can keep your summer clothes in the wardrobe and then swap everything out for the spring and summer.

Chest of Drawers

One of the more common pieces you'll find through an antique bedroom furniture supplier is a chest of drawers. Also known as a dresser, the furniture piece has several ways to organize thanks to the large collection of drawers to choose from. The tops of the dresser also features a way to display quick access items like jewelry.

A chest of drawers has a lot of ways to display unique antique designs. The trim of the dresser can feature carved wood elements, including smooth curves and swirls. The handles on each drawer also offer a unique look into the era of the dresser. You will find designs with copper and metal handles that use elegant shapes and designs.

Bedroom Vanity

If you're looking for storage options for items beside clothes, consider the purchase of an antique bedroom vanity. The vanity usually consists of a large mirror and a small desk to sit at as you prepare for the day. Drawers offer extra space to store make-up, hair accessories, and nail accessories. Easily stay organized and plan out your morning routine with the vanity.

When you find a vanity with the original mirror, you can spot the unique design elements often put into the mirror shape and the edges of the mirror. The mirror becomes the centerpiece and highlight of the whole design.

Purchase one or more from an antique bedroom furniture supplier to really expand the storage options in your bedroom.