A Perfect Pair: Creative Ways To Use Reclaimed Home Décor In Your Farmhouse Kitchen

A Perfect Pair: Creative Ways To Use Reclaimed Home Décor In Your Farmhouse Kitchen

7 October 2020
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Reclaimed home décor and farmhouse style kitchens were meant for each other. A perfect blend of rustic and charm is the result when you pair the two together. Finding creative ways to use reclaimed home décor items in your farmhouse kitchen will enhance its simplistic and welcoming charm.

Get creative with canning jar décor

Canning jars and reclaimed wood can be used to make a variety of kitchen decorations. A reclaimed wooden tray can hold canning jars to create a candle garden to add a touch of ambience to your farmhouse kitchen. Design your own indoor herbal garden by placing canning jars on a reclaimed wooden shelf mounted next to a window.

Decorate an accent chair

What could be more inviting in a farmhouse kitchen than an accent chair made with reclaimed wood and decorated with charming decor? Drape an antique quilt over the back of the chair to add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen. A flower pot or bowl made with reclaimed wood will look delightful placed on an accent chair and filled with fresh-cut daisies or cheerful sunflowers.

Make a table the focal point

A farmhouse kitchen is a perfect place to dress up kitchen furniture, such as a reclaimed wooden table. Consider adding a checkered table runner down the center of the table in a sunny yellow or rustic red. Complete the look by using a reclaimed wood tray to hold table essentials and a weathered basket adorned with colorful flowers.

Give your walls a makeover

Kitchen walls never have to be boring when you use reclaimed doors or windows to add a touch of rustic charm to them. Hang reclaimed barn doors on a large wall and add hooks to hang pots and pans to complete the look. Dress up a small kitchen wall with a reclaimed window and decorate the window with silk flowers and a touch of greenery.

Add a few finishing touches

Display old tins or cookbooks on a reclaimed wood shelf. Reclaimed wood bowls can hold fresh or faux fruit to add color to a countertop. Reclaimed wooden kitchen signs will add a fun touch to farmhouse décor.

If you have a farmhouse style kitchen, you may enjoy how inviting and welcoming it appears. Choosing the right decorations for your kitchen is important to maintain its warm and rustic appeal. Adding reclaimed home décor to your farmhouse style kitchen will only add to its existing charm and simplistic beauty.

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