Custom Furniture Ideas For Added Tiny Home Storage

Custom Furniture Ideas For Added Tiny Home Storage

14 January 2021
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Tiny homes are popular with many people for a variety of reasons. Though many of these homes are used for traveling and for guest house or office purposes, you may decide to live in one long-term. If you do decide to live in one long-term, you will notice that your storage needs may increase and change. These changes lead to a need for storage options. You can get those options from custom furniture stores and furniture artisans. Here are a few ideas for added tiny home storage from custom furniture creators.

Storage Stairs

A popular choice for space-saving and storage in tiny homes are storage stairs. These stairs can be created by a custom furniture store and designed according to your space measurements. The stairs can be created with cube storage or with closed door storage in mind. This gives you a solid staircase from your bottom floor to your sleeping loft while giving you storage for books, clothes, and household items you will need in long term living. You can also have matching wood rails designed to make the stairway safer. 

Storage Sliding Drawers

Sliding drawers can be placed all around a tiny home. You can place them under stairs or step-ups into other areas of the home. You can also have them built to fit under cabinets and under loft sleeping areas. These drawers, with the proper organization, can hold many items including blankets, canned food, heating and cooling supplies, and emergency items. A custom furniture contractor can develop the drawers with built-in organizational dividers as well giving you a fully customized option. 

Storage Seating

One of the leading custom furniture requests for tiny homeowners is storage seating. This seating can range from a single chair to a set of a chair and sofa seating. Your custom designs can include lifting cushions that store blankets and even mattress options to extend sleeping for guests or yourself. You can go a step further and have more storage placed underneath in the form of sliding drawers. This can give your tiny home a large expansion of storage while keeping a neat and clean tiny home appearance. 

These are just a few of the ideas you can take to a custom furniture creator to help add storage to your tiny home. If any of these ideas, or other ideas, appeal to you, make sure to make several notes regarding the materials you want used and your other preferences. These notes can be helpful to your custom furniture store. The artisans can answer building questions and pricing questions during your first visit and consultation.