Where Murphy Beds Can Be Great For Your Home

Where Murphy Beds Can Be Great For Your Home

18 March 2021
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You've likely heard of Murphy beds before. These are those beds that pull down from a wall and sit on the ground and are commonly found in smaller studio apartments or small houses. Murphy beds can be a benefit to any modern home because these beds — also known as wall beds — can be pulled down from the wall then set back into it again for best small space utilization.

Although not a main trend in many modern homes, Murphy beds have their place and can actually add more value to your property if you put them in the right rooms of the home. If you're curious about where to put these beds, use this guide to assist you. If you decide to have wall beds placed in your home, have a contractor install the units.

Your home office

Do you have a room you use as a home office? This room is usually one of the smaller ones in the home and doesn't have much space, but if you're thinking of where to put Murphy beds, this can be just the place. This way, your home office can double as a guest bedroom when you need it to without taking up any permanent space in an already small room.

Your MIL apartment

Does your home come with a MIL apartment? If it does, consider Murphy beds in this space. This way, you can open up the smaller living space and make the MIL apartment more appealing for renting out to others or for a guest house when you have company over. The novelty of having a Murphy bed in this space can make your MIL apartment even more appealing to potential renters should you choose to turn the space into a rental opportunity.

Your nursery

A children's nursery is an ideal spot for Murphy beds because nurseries tend to be smaller bedrooms and often get converted into offices or craft rooms once kids are older. If you consider Murphy beds for this space then you can convert the nursery into a guest room later, or just have the Murphy bed in the space tucked away just in case you ever need it.

Always have wall beds professionally installed and research your options before making a purchase. Since Murphy beds come in a variety of styles and can even have shelving installed with them, you can benefit even more from having these wall beds put in place.