DIY Or Hire It Out: What To Know About Refinishing Furniture

DIY Or Hire It Out: What To Know About Refinishing Furniture

23 March 2021
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While you can get on social media and copy everyone's design ideas to create a pretty home, your home may look generic and like everyone else's. What if instead, you could create a home that was more curated towards your taste and style? Whether you prefer mid-century modern, traditional, transitional, or farmhouse, there are tons of places that you can find vintage furniture at. The only problem that you may find with vintage furniture is that it may need to be refinished. So, what can you do if you find a piece of furniture that you love and that's at a great price point but it's in need of some serious work? 

Tackle the Job Yourself

If you have time and you want to save some money, then you may want to tackle the job yourself, especially if it's just wood you're working with. While some types of wood may be a bit harder to refinish, there are other types that are easier to finish like walnut, oak, birch, and maple. These types of wood are a lot stronger than other types which means that you can typically sand them down without them breaking. 

Step 1: Strip the wood: The hardest part about refinishing furniture is getting rid of any varnish or paint that's on it. In order to strip the wood of any varnish or veneer, you can buy a stripping solution which you rub onto the wood and then scrape it off.

Just remember that stripper can be really toxic to work with so you have to wear a mask and gloves and use it in a well-ventilated space. If there is a lot of paint or varnish on the furniture, this process could take several hours to complete. 

Step 2: Sand the wood: In some instances, you may not have to strip the wood at all and you may be able to get rid of paint with a simple oscillating sander. When using an oscillating sander only apply a slight amount of pressure so that you don't make indentations on the wood. Sanding before you paint or stain the wood will also help to smooth the wood so you get a sleeker finish which is ideal for painting or staining. 

Step 3: Paint or stain the wood: The final step is painting or staining the wood. Similar to stripper, paint and stain can be really toxic so apply it in a well-ventilated area. 

Hire It Out

If you really don't think this DIY job is for you or if the stripping process is too difficult, then you may want to consider hiring it out. A furniture refinishing company can give you the perfect finished product that you want without you ever having to touch it. 

To learn more about furniture refinishing, reach out to a vintage furniture store near you.