Small Touches To Tie A Room Together

14 September 2020
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When you are decorating or redecorating a space, it is easy to get focused on the big picture and the larger projects involved in redecorating. However, once the walls are painted, the flooring is taken care of, and the larger furniture is chosen, you may find yourself feeling like your space is still incomplete. There are many small touches that help to tie a room together when you are decorating or redecorating. Read More …

When You Need To Replace Your Mattress

12 August 2020
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How long mattresses last depends on several factors, including the material from which the mattress is made, its quality, and its frequency of use. You may need to replace your mattress even before the end of this period for several reasons. Here is a look at some of these reasons, alongside common tell-tale signs that it is indeed time to go shopping for new mattresses to replace what you currently have. Read More …

Why Install A Queen Murphy Bed In Your Studio Apartment

27 July 2020
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When you live in a studio apartment, size matters with everything you have within the apartment's walls. Even a bed takes up a lot of space, and while you need a space to sleep, you don't have to sacrifice square footage to achieve it. Here are reasons why you should consider a Queen Murphy bed for your studio apartment. A Murphy bed is a type of bed that you pull down from a wall, rather than a fixed bed frame that sits on the floor. Read More …

Find Easy-to-Clean Office Furniture

13 July 2020
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Some people already understand that furniture can have a large impact on the day-to-day operations within an office. However, what is less known is the fact that the furniture you choose for your office can hurt productivity by increasing the risk of illness amongst staff. If you are unaware of this factor, it is helpful to learn more about it.  Dust For many people who suffer from allergies, dust is a common trigger for their symptoms and discomfort. Read More …

Get The Most Out Of A Small Bedroom With Strategical Furniture Shopping

6 May 2020
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If you just bought a home that you are moving into soon and getting a small bedroom was one of the compromises that you decided to make, you may not know how to furnish the space while also getting all the functionality that you want and need. Fortunately, you can get creative with furniture shopping for your bedroom to meet your goals even when working with a small space. Bed Frame Read More …